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Do You Dream of Exploring Every Dimension of the Human Experience?

The first step I took to start my journey is to identify my core values as a person by doing the Value Determination Process deisgn by Dr. John Demartini. It is a 13 questions exercise that anyone can do to identify what they really love to do.

The Value Determination Process Explained in detail by Dr. Demartini

What I learnt from this exercise is that my life is a reflection of my true values. 

The voids that I have in my life will become my highest values. Basically, things that are really important to me.

I also learnt from Dr. Demartini that my highest values will define my destiny. Therefore, it is critical for me to either have values that support what I want to accomplish in my life or find out how they can be used to support them.

This has helped me to set goals which are congruent to my values so that I don’t suffer from the ABCDs (anger and aggression, blame and feelings of betrayal, criticism and challenge, despair and depression) of negativity.

Understanding who you really are is the first step to mastering your life.

Once I know my values, I went on to design the life that I want to live...

There are 3 things you can do to have a better idea:

1. Find out what you don’t want. Write it down.

2. Write down the things you want

3. Ask yourself what would I love to do for the rest of my life?

The 3 Most Important Questions by Vishen Lakiani

To move one step further and go deeper about the life I want to design, I did the 3 most important questions exercise by Vishen Lakiani.

Here are the 3 questions:

1. What would I really want to experience in my life if time and money is no question?

Make a list of all the experiences you want to get out of life. 

2. How do I want to grow as a person? 

Make a list of all the various ways that you might want to grow and be a more creative human being.

3. What do I want to contribute to the world?

Make a list of all the various ways you want to contribute to the world.

The 7 Areas of Life

After completing the exercise, I went on to classify what I wrote down into the 7 areas of life.

1. Physical
2. Financial
3. Vocational
4. Family
5. Social
6. Mental
7. Spiritual

If you get new ideas while classifying them to the 7 areas, you can always add into the list.

You may want to do this exercise at least once a year since some of the things that you want to accomplish would be completed by then.

It is a good idea to review this list daily to stay focused on the life that you want to design.

I realised that some of the things that I want to achieve overlap each other.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look through the list of things that you want to achieve and hand pick a few that you would like to focus on which could lead to the accomplishment of others.

In my example, I wanted to have plenty of money and peace of mind.

This is only possible if I focus my efforts to build my business rather than continue to work for others or hanging with friends who can’t help me to move on in life.

Once you have identified your goals, think about one thing that you do every day to progress towards that goal.

For me to grow my business, I made a commitment to meet people every single day to look for potential clients and business partners.

The same applies to any business that I want to grow in the future.

Another goal that I had was better awareness and well-being.

To accomplish that, I made a commitment to practice Upa Yoga and Isha Kriya daily.

It is impossible for me to change an aspect of my life without making any changes to my daily routine.

On a final note..

The purpose of life is to live totally. To live totally means every aspect of life has been explored, nothing has been left unexplored. Before you fall died, even if you did not explore the cosmos, at least this piece of life you must know it in its entirety. It means experiencing all dimension of this life. You did not leave anything untouched.